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Ngao Asoke Episode 01.1

By Tina | December 20, 2008

Finally started the subs! I know it’s been a long wait, but I decided to pursue the project alone. My team members are totally busy. They are subbing current lakorns at the moment or going to school. I’m very proud of them and glad they are pursuing more projects o.O . I’ve done Episode 01.1 the rest will follow soon. The High Quality release will be available NOT on youtube, but on when we finish the site up. Please don’t ask for downloads to the files because I will release that upon completion. They will be hardsubs. I will not be releasing softsubs for this drama. I’ve had a change in heart. I will indeed be releasing softsubs.

Note: Please forgive the grammar and stuff. I was in a rush. I can only do this when I’m not working on other projects. So my grammar and vocabulary may be sort of rushed. Thank You!

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Subbing Ngao Asoke

By Tina | August 23, 2008

I’m sorry for those who have been waiting for the ngao asoke episode subs! But I will be working on them ASAP to get them out in HQ; It might take me a while because I might be doing 1 disc a week. Since each disc is longer than the regular episode…. There are about 10 Disc’s alltogether

So hang in tight k! If anyone wants to help out please please contact me or comment this post… If anyone can help me translate then I’d be glad to accept just that… cause that is the most time consuming part… I can do the timing; editing; and encoding myself… and of course uploading

Thank You!


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By Tina | July 30, 2008

Screencaps Following Soon!

Monthai is questioning Viyada about the family ring and she wouldn’t admit at first but then he brings up the letter and he starts screaming at her. Viyada runs out of the room and bumps into Keitchai and Bpeeyachat tries to stop him again, but he assures her that he will not be stopped. Keitchai attempts to tell about Viyada but she screams and tantrums and Monthai tells her that he wants to hear what Keitchai has to say.

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Episode 29 Summary

By Tina | July 28, 2008

Khun Jian asks Monthai is he sure that Khun Ying was murdered. Monthai assures everyone he believes his mother was murdered.Viyada leaves and Bpeeyachat follows her Bpeeyachat asks Viyada if she will admit the truth. She tries to make Viyada swear in front of Khun Ying’s body that she will tell Monthai the truth or she will do it. Viyada grabs Bpeeyachat and then swears she’s a bit hesitant, but she swears anyways, “if I don’t tell him the truth then let something happen to me.” While Bpeeyachat is giving Viyada a lecture and finishes with “Monthai has to know” Monthai walks in and asks her, “I must know what?” Bpeeyachat, “Khun Viyada will tell you.”

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Next Week Spoiler Posted!

By Tina | July 25, 2008

Finally Our Happy Ending!

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Episode 28 Caps;

By Tina | July 24, 2008

After Viyada Chased Khun Ying As Lukkana She’s goes into shock and Viyada is starting to ask “where is Bpee; isn’t she suppose to be taking care of Khun Ying Bpahr”

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Bpeeyachat Made Me Proud Today

By Tina | July 24, 2008


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Spoilers Are Off;

By Tina | July 23, 2008

Dude I just noticed that the things that happen today are on wednesday’s spoiler lol so exact is speeding up the process for this lakorn dammit! they must have cut some scenes lol

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Episode 26 Summary With Caps

By Tina | July 22, 2008

Same Summary, but With Caps; Click To Enlarge Image

Khun Ying, Khun Jian, and Bpeeyachat are in Khun Ying’s room. Khun Ying starts to talk about how she wants Monthai to marry Bpeeyachat. Bpee then starts to look for Khun Ying sleeping pills, but realizes that some of them are gone. Khun Ying then says, “It’s ok; taking to much pills might make me sleep forever.”

Viyada who is standing outside then pops out and says, “tonight you will sleep long Bpeeyachat” Because of course she had stolen the pills.

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Episode 26 Some Photos

By Tina | July 22, 2008

Came across these yesterday and totally forgot to post them lol

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